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Mule Deer Buck

Jim Domaskin  Marty Mann

Marty Mann

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Whitetail Buck

Bob Taylor

Smuck Mann

Bryce Lambley

Whitetail Buck

Marty Mann

Tracy Villwok

Marty Mann

Marty Mann

Whitetail Buck

Craig Richardson

    The Lady and the Mule Deer

Marty Mann

Mule Deer


Dan Hart


135 " Whitetail


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          Craig Richardson   MD 5 C.jpg (14844 bytes)

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2003 Fowler wt C.jpg (25861 bytes)

    Colorado Whitetail Jim Domaskin

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2004 Forsterling wtC.jpg (29462 bytes)

Bryce Lambley & Daughters

Bryce Lambley




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