Pronghorn Custom Bows bowyer
with his latest Pronghorn

Smuck Mann, a friend and a great hunter

   The Bowyer, Contemplating Life

Sam Fadala, editor Peterson's Bowhunting Magazine

               Iron Neck                                Native American Art by Iron Neck

Herb presenting a bow to Henry Schwenke,
the Montana Bowhunter of the Year

Jack with a 42# Longbow

A close friend, Herman Hass

The Bowyer, Herman and Fred Hass

Clayton Hoyt's 2003 Bull
Clayton was Herb's high school teacher

Clayton's 2003 Whitetail

 Herb's nephew, Dan Miner

Clayton's 2004 Whitetail

Jeff and Cookie

Jerry "Hawk" Polesky
At one time, Hawk held the World Record
for Typical Whitetails. He also wrote articles
for "Archery" Magazine

      Marty Mann with his 2005 buck


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