Bill Krenz in the Aug/Sept 2002 Bowhunter Magazine:

     The Pronghorn Takedown Longbow (Hybrid) offers an increasingly popular twist in hybrids, the convenient takedown feature. Imagine a conventional three-piece takedown recurve, but with substantially trimmer riser section and hybrid longbow limbs. This bow is surprisingly light in mass weight for a three-piece takedown bow, draws like silk, shoots fast, and can compete in accuracy with most recurves. It is also one of the quietest hunting bows I’ve ever shot.

Sam Fadala, traditional archery editor for Peterson's Bowhunting Magazine

     "I knew Pronghorn bows long before I called the man who made them my friend. My first example of Herb Meland’s art was a one-piece longbow. The chronograph showed it firing an arrow as fast as a standard round wheel compound. That was impressive, but smoothness of draw, lack of hand shock/recoil, plus zero stack sold me. Today I hunt with a Pronghorn Ferret IV with all-glass limbs. Unlike all-glass composite bows of the past this recurve behaves like a target bow—except for its exceptional speed. I’ve written before that Meland was born to make bows. While he understands the geometry of archery, he also seems to have an inborn sense of what creates a fine instrument that behaves while delivering top performance."

Vern A Butler, Wyoming Bowhunter 

     "Longbows and recurves have been a constant companion of mine for over 40 years. I have also been in the archery business where I have shot, purchased, handled and sold hundreds of bows. Many were great bows and some not so great. 
     The Herb Meland bows I have are outstanding and some of the finest bows I have ever hunted with. Not only do they have great looks and performance but they will also stand up to the elements. One thing that sets Pronghorn Custom Bows apart from most other bows is that they are balanced and tillered to perfection. Good arrow flight is easily obtained. They do seem to shoot a large selection of arrows very well. Herb Meland accomplishes this by crafting every bow himself.
     Herb Meland, founder and owner of Pronghorn Custom Bows, is one of this county's top bowyers. I have shot, hunted, carried and enjoyed Pronghorn Custom Bows for many years."

Pat Graham, Kustom King Arrows

"I met Herb Meland in the early 80's in Montana when I still owned Kustom King Arrows. He is a bowyer that designs and constructs bows with his soul, which is clearly evident in the craftsmanship of each and every bow. I have shot Pronghorn Recurves and Longbows for nearly 20 years and I'm still intrigued by the smoothness of draw and flight of the arrow. After all, arrows are what I know best."

Comments from a discussion group on the internet:

Received my new "All Osage" TD Longbow from Herb a few weeks back 57# @ 28" . What a great shooting bow. Craftmanship is excellent. I don't think you can go wrong with one of Herb's Pronghorns.

I have one, too, and I am very impressed. I think his workmanship is second to none

I am interested in one myself. Are the risers cut to center? Approximately what do they cost? and how long is the wait? Is it difficult to match the spine for arrows?

The wait for mine was about 3 months..3 long months that is. Give Herb a call ..he's very easy to deal with and does what he says he will.

I love mine also. I just got a new set of limbs for mine last week. It shoots great and Herb is a nice guy to deal with.

I have a one piece recurve (ferret) and it shoots great, smooth and no stack can't go wrong with a pronghorn.

I have 4 of Herbs 3 piece long bows, all are top shelf. Great guy and great bows.....................

I just received my new 3 piece pronghorn, 56", amberboo limbs and impregnated hickory riser. What a great longbow!

Have heard nothing but good about Herb. When I am ready for a TD longbow he will get the call. He is a great man to deal with from all that I have heard.



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